ASA x UCLA DataFest 2024 team applications will go live on April 5 at 9am!

Teams need to be 3-5 participants. Priority will be given to teams of 5s, seniors, and sign up times (the earlier you sign up the higher your chances are for participating!).

Feel free to reach out to with any questions, and we hope to see you at the competition!

DataFest is a data analytics competition where teams have 48 hours to provide the best insights gleaned from a large, complex dataset. It will be a fun, educational weekend where you can sharpen your skills from courses and meet lots of talented folks! DataFest 2024 will be on April 26-28 in Ackerman Ballroom and the opening ceremony will begin promptly at 5pm on April 26! We have several company sponsors who will be showing up in person to meet you along with many mentors. As a participant you will receive a special DataFest t-shirt in addition to food and snacks.

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