2020 ASA DataFestTM Results

2020 Awards Announcement

Best Insight

Youth Sports
Kyle Fang, Ariel Chow, Andrew Liu and William Foote

For a multifaceted and coherent analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the youth sports industry in the US. For the use of innovative data sets and providing insights and recommendations that have policy implications.

Best Insight (Honorable Mention)

Mobility and Opinion Towards Governors
Team Data Sigma Upsilon
Kevin Chen, Lyndon Liang, Andy Chen and Ankush Bharadwaj

For visualizing the relation between public mobility and public opinion of state governors in the US as the COVID-19 pandemic progressed. The measurement of opinion via sentiment analysis of tweets that mentioned the governors and the presentation of the analysis were strong.

Most Creative

New Internet Trends
Team Contagion Squad
Noah Guillermo, Kelly Yang, Adel Battikha, Tyler Phung and Zach Schulz

For creative analysis of the effect of internet accessibility on social distancing, the profits of various internet providers, and internet use as the COVID-19 epidemic progressed. For excellent animation and visualization of the team and their analyses.

Most Creative (Honorable Mention)

Social Vulnerability
Team Chi Square
Eustina Kim, Tiffany Feng, Diana Pham and Kienna Qin

For creative analysis of the relationship between social vulnerability and COVID-19 case prevalence rates across counties in California. For developing a county-level index of social vulnerability that helped develop an understanding of how the disease is differentially impacting people and for visualizing the results clearly.

Best Visualization

Purchasing Behavior via Amazon and Google Trends
Team Maskman
Chuqi Bian, Baiting Zhu, Minghan Li, Junpeng Jiang and Zuxuan Huai

For visualizing public purchasing behavior as the COVID-19 epidemic progressed using Amazon Price/Google Trend data. For careful standardization and summarization of variables. For very impressive data visualizations and interactive graphics, leading to a superior analysis of complex patterns.

Best Visualization (Honorable Mention)

Crime in San Francisco
Team The Monty Hollaback Girls
Julia Wood, Tanmay Shankar, Jonah Wiener-Brodkey and Kirsten Landsiedel

For visualizing how crime rates and crime types in San Francisco varied as the COVID-19 pandemic progressed. The analysis used official crime data and myriad different types of graphical displays to show crime trends over space and time.

Judges Choice for Best Data Collection

Changes in Most Popular YouTube Video Sentiment
Team Free Gourds
Sam Millette, Tai Xiang and Guy Thampakkul

For the choice, acquisition and linking of relevant data sets to study the sentiment scores of the top 10 most popular YouTube videos during the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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