2020 Presentations

Social Vulnerability
Team Chi Square

Components of Social Distancing
Team J Cubed

Regional affect on flights
Team The Insiders

Media Coverage and its Influence on Twitter Hashtag Participation
Team Exponential Families

Flights Offered
Team OrangeJuice

Netflix vs. AMC
Team Unemployed Red Magicians

Alcohol consumption
Team Model Behavior

Anti-Asian Sentiment
Team R Masters

Corona Virus and the Fearless Republican
Dummy Variables

Impact on Airlines

Unemployment compared to 2008 Great Recession

Affects on Politicians’ Social media presence
Ami’s Angels

Positive Impacts?
Savior at Home

Staying at Home, Without a Home
5 Data Busters

Social Impacts as seen through the News
^(?=no one)us.*$

Social Impacts as seen through the News
dada’s lambda

COVID vs. H1N1 on Retail Sales

News Headlines and Mortality

Impact on K-pop

Grocery Store Mobility
Covid 1919

Mental Health
The Py-oneers

Social Distancing by County

Spending through Debit and Credit Card Transactions
Spice Girls

Crime in San Francisco
The Monty Hollaback Girls

Crime in L.A. County
Ocean’s Four

Airlines’ Flight Reduction Strategy

Purchasing Behavior via Amazon and Google Trends

Corporate Debt and Borrowing, and Consequences
apple taus

Data Monster

Mobility and Opinion Towards Governors
Data Sigma Upsilon

Gaming via Twitch
Coconut Fiver

Economic Impact via BLS
The Quaran-team

Unemployment and the Stock Market

Youth Sports

Travel between LAX and China

New Internet Trends
Contagion Squad


Comparison of Mobility across Four Countries

Impact of the Spread of COVID on Air Quality

Trump’s Approval Ratings

Shifts in Coimmunications?
K-NN Live

International Health Indices
Bottom of the Bell Curve

Changes in Most Popular YouTube Video Sentiment
Free Gourds

Impacts on Weather and Social Distancing
Caffeine Overflow

Trends in Tweets and Searches
Data Buddies