2018 ASA DataFestTM Results

The winners were:

Best Insight:

Winner: Team Chicken Dinner [Alex Huo, Kristy Lu, Selina Wang, Nora Xu, and Jackie Yu]

Honorable Mention: [The Unsupervised Learners, with Xiaotong Gui, Madison Hobbs, Vedant Vohra, and Zihao Xu]

Best Visualization:

Winner: We Miss Obama [Yi Ai Chen, Koto Kuboi, Stephen Lee, Hannah Ross, and Amneh Yacoub]

Honorable Mention: WeRBeautiful [Reinaldo Daniswara, Joy Harjanto, Bella Lee, Selvam Sendhill and Tom Zhang]

Best Use of External Data:

Winner: ATM [Manual Chavez, Mike Chen, Thaddeus Demeke, and Andy Jun Ho Kim]

Honorable Mention: The Native Baes [Chelsea Lee, Gavin Michaels, Callum Pe, Haoshi Wang and Qufei Wang]

Judges’ Choice: There are two winning teams

Winner: UMVUE [Tianying Feng, Yuhe Gao, Yaner He. Duyn Tan and Zheng Wang]

Winner: Stoachastic Fisher [Yunliang Chen, Xuening Wang, Shenghao Xu, Yuan Zhang and Pei Zhou]

We congratulate all of the participants, who impressed the many visitors with their ingenuity and deep level of knowledge. One such visitor, from a local employer, said “Every student I’ve spoken to is ready to be employed, and some of them aren’t even seniors!”.

We also wish to congratulate the finalists who, while not selected for a top prize, presented outstanding work. In no particular order: Yunliang Chen, Xuening Wang, Shenghao Xu, Yuan Zhang and Pei Zhou, Qingze Liu, Jiayu Lyu, Xunye (Crystal) Qian, Xinran Qian, Shiyu Ji, Qianyi Shi, Yuqi Liang, Thanakorn Suppakarnpanich Sang Ok Suh, Junhyuk Jang, Seungmin Lee, Seunghwan Hyun, Brian Lin, Aaron Gonzales, Kaylin Dee, Wonchan Kim, Marc Kalis , James Lo, Dominque McDonald, John Atherton, Kevin Foltz, Vivian Tai, Nico Colosso, Daniel Defoe.