2021 ASA DataFestTM Results

2021 Awards Announcement

Best Insight

Team K-Bandits (UCLA)
Tiffany Feng, Eustina Kim, Diana Pham, Kienna Qin

For a multifaceted and coherent analysis of the characteristics among students, health care professionals and veterans in the United States that determine their use of benzodiazepines.

Best Insight (Honorable Mention)

Team Stat Pack (UCLA)
Robi Chatterjee, Himani Yalamaddi, Jenna Schindele, Matthew Kymn, Giorgia Nicolaou

For their combination of visual and statistical analyses of the relationships among age, drug use, and mental health disorders.

Best Use of External Data

Team No Free Lunch (USC)
Cassandra Man, Wilson Ho, Tara Erberich, Amy Zhang, Yilin Qi

For their investigation of how non-medical drug use correlates with police density, and what policing variables predict drug use in the United States.

Best Use of External Data (Honorable Mention)

Team BruWins (UCLA)
Sivaji Turimella, Nishant Jain, Arnav Garg, Nitin Subramanian

For use of both state-level data on marijuana legalization law and counts of drug-related arrests in their analysis of state-level drug use.

Best Visualization

Team Stackers (UCLA)
Andrew Kan, Ben Brill, Genesis Qu, Maddy Blasingame

For an outstanding and clearly visualized analysis of cannabis legality and drug misuse.

Best Visualization (Honorable Mention)

Team R-mageddon (UCLA)
Ethan Allavarpu, Dara Tan

For their clear visualization of quantitative information in their analysis of drug misuse in America.

Best Visualization (Honorable Mention)

Team We R Stats (UCLA)
Ananya Sini Achan, Coco Wu, Huanfei Wang, Meirong Gu, Xiaofeng Lin

For visualizing the distribution of mental health problems among three social groups, and their non-medical use of drugs.

Judge’s Choice Prize

Zhiqi Zhang, Deyi Zhu, Shiman Zhang, Yixin Chen

For their overall analysis of drug misuse behaviors among non-stereotypical populations, in particular healthcare professions and college students.

Judge’s Choice Prize

Team Sagehen (Pomona College)
Hannah Mandel, Emily Tomz, Adeena Liang, Chloe Sun, Ian Krupkin

For visualization in their analysis of non-medical opioid usage among American 18-24 year olds in 2018.