2022 ASA DataFestTM Results

2022 Awards Announcement

The judging panel consisted of 21 statisticians and data scientists from academia, industry, and government. They were uniformly impressed with both the quality of the analyses and the presentations of them.

Many teams were worthy of prizes and mentions. Of these, the final panel of judges made special note of:

The Don Ylvisaker Best Insight Award

Data Dudes

The Data Dudes
Ryan Kien, Roger Wilson, Kason Ancelin, Daichi Sakai

For the use of textual analysis to form interest-level groups and the analysis of their game playing.

The Don Ylvisaker Best Insight Award (Honorable Mention)

Best Insight

Team Cecil Separated Values
Simon Zhang, Saatvik Kher, Xuehuai He

For their insight into how players rank characters and who causes players to make bad short-term decisions.

Best Use of Statistical Models

Statistical Models

Team Standard Deviants
Avishek Ghosh, Megan Ma, Shiyu Murashima, Brandon Louie, Jarod Ngo

For their use of models to categorize player’s total skill trajectories and analysis of player behaviors.

Best Use of Statistical Models (Honorable Mention)

Statistical Models HM

Team Chirp
Alan Zhou and Aditya Bhalla

For the use of a clarifying cluster model to describe how different players play. The model enabled a decomposition of the data into informative clusters and facilitated further data analysis.

Best Visualization

Best Visualization

Team ofcdata
Keying Zhang, Shixian Wang, Victor Xu, Vivian Pan, Wenqian Luo

For an outstanding and clearly visualized analysis of game playing results and the relationship between in-game choices and real-life choices.

Best Visualization (Honorable Mention)

Best Visualization HM

Team Data Dive
Ellen Wei, Prateik Sinha, Olivia Wang, Yuetong Li, Anvesha Dutta

For their clear visualizations and well written presentation of how players change overtime and what types of players there are.

Judge’s Choice Prize

Judges Choice

Team Sine of the Times
Sajaa Ahmad, Samira Ahmed, Merve Dumlu, Rithika Reddy, and Jeffrey Yang

For their overall analysis of reduced attention from repeated decision making that studied the impact of decision fatigue and brought in psychological theory.