Support DatafestTM

How you can Support DataFestTM?

There are three ways you can support DataFestTM as either an individual or a business:

Please consider visiting as a Visiting Consultant. Spend an hour or two getting to know the students and offering your sage advice. This is an excellent recruiting opportunity; you get to watch students working in teams, under pressure, striving to understand possibly the most complex data set they have encountered. In fact, each year, several students have received internships and interviews that have led to full-time employment. Success at DataFest requires that a team have a combination of computational, statistical, and human skills, as well as the ability to communicate clearly and extremely concisely.

Please consider a financial contribution and, in particular, asking your employer to contribute. We are seeking to raise $60,000 to cover food and facility expenses. If you can contribute, please visit For questions, please contact Loida De Leon, at Please make out checks to The UCLA Foundation. Send checks to:

ASA DataFest c/o Robert Gould
UCLA Dept. of Statistics
8125 Math Sciences Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554

Swag. Pens, thumb drives, notepads. The students love these and they help make the event fun. If we get something special, we can give it away in a “midnight raffle” to help keep the energy level high.

If you’d like to visit DataFestTM or want more information, please email Rob Gould, DataFest Founder, at or Linda Zanontian, DataFest faculty organizer at