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UCLA DataFest (TM) 2014

DataFest '14 was held May 2- May 4 at UCLA's Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

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Congratulations to our winners

Best Insight

SC Statistics (tie)

Download file "i SC Statistics.pdf"
Chris Funaki, Sri Ramesh, Bradley Rava, Tsz Chan, Matthew Norris
Oops I Data'd Again (tie)

Download file "i Oops I Dataed Again Final Presentation.pdf"Siena Duplan, Kayla Frisoli, Kimberly Mauleon, Greta Olesen, Daniel Smith

Best Use of External Data

JSS (winner)

Download file "ext JSSpdf"Shahid Chohan, James Lepore, Sean Grant

Big 5 (honorable mention)

Download file "ext hon Big 5.pdf"
Jeremy Chan, Melody Lim, Macaraia Robinson, Tavia Sin, Brian Tat

Best Visualization

Jack n Coke (winner)

Download file "v Jack n Coke pres .pdf"
Lev Golod, Jonhngyun Lee
Up in the Wind (honorable mention)

Download file "v hon up in the wind.pptx"
Jiaqi Hao, Anni Wang, Mengqi Xia, Yuai Zhang, Yantu Zhang

For all participants fantastic presentations, check here.

DataFest 2014 Thanks it's Sponsors

Cauchy Level ($3000 and above)

Summit Consulting, LLC

Pareto Level ($1500-$3000)


Lognormal ($1000)



Southern California American Statistical Association

Pomona College

UCLA Division of Physical Sciences

USC Applied Statistics Club

Weibull ($500)
Pearson Higher Ed

We also thank

Register now! Registration closes April 1.: To qualify: You must be part of a team (at least 2 students but no more than 5); you must be an undergraduate at UCLA, Pomona College, Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, USC, or UC Riverside.

Data folk: DataFest cannot run without your support. Please visit https://giving.ucla.edu/datafest to see how you can contribute financially. Our official sponsors' packet is
Download file "Datafest Sponsorship Packet-1.pdf". Sponsors will be provided with various advertising and recruiting opportunities. But equally important is your time! Please consider visiting us as a "VIP Consultant". Drop by for a couple of hours and talk to the teams to point them in the right direction. It's a wonderful recruiting opportunity and lots of fun, too. We ask that visitors sign up for a time slot so that we'll know when to expect you, but we won't hold you to it: http://goo.gl/vX3NHc.

Read about DataFest

In Chance Magazine:

What is DataFest?

DataFest is a team competition. Teams of up to 5 undergraduate students have less than 48 hours to determine who can provide the best insight ---and communicate that insight--gleaned from a large, complex dataset. The teams that impress the judges will win prizes. Everyone else will have a great experience, lots of food, and fun. The next DataFest will be May 2-4, 2014, beginning at 6pm.

Who Can Compete?

Any undergraduate at UCLA, or other local undergraduates from colleges or universities with agreements with UCLA Statistics. (So far, Pomona College.) All members of the team must be undergraduates. Teams can have no more than 5 people.

Do we have to stay the entire time?

No. You may come and go as you please. However, you are not allowed to work on the project except while you are inside IPAM.

How do I register?

Go here. But first, make sure you've chosen a team name and have other team members.

What can I win?

Prizes. Fame. Glory. Or some combination thereof.

Last Year:

The 2013 DataFest challenged students from UCLA, Pomona College, UC Riverside, Cal State Long Beach, and USC to explore matters of the heart. The data came from eHarmony and consisted of 1 million potential matches. Could students explain why he contacted her, but she didn't care to email him? Or could they explain why, sometimes, both parties eagerly emailed the other?

With almost 100 students, the judges came up with a novel surprise to keep the awards ceremony interesting. Each team had just 60 seconds to present one slide of their findings in the lightning round. Then, teams were told that, to advance to the final round, they had just 45 minutes to find a partner team. These superteams could then make a 5 minute, 3-slide presentation to the judges.

DataFest 13 Participants

The winners

This year, no prize was given for "Best Use of External Data." Instead, two awards were given for Best Insight.

  • Best Insight I
    • Teams Satisfaction + Burrito Thunder (UCLA)
  • Best Insight II
    • Teams Chirp + Stingrays (Pomona College)
  • Best Visualization
    • University of Statistical Champions (USC)

The Finalists

Finalists had to participate in the one-minute Speed Dating Round and then match up with another team.

The Speed Dating round

Each team had 60 seconds and one slide to convince their peers to team up with them for the final round.


A few favorite pics


Intro to Models in R
Irena's R tutorials
Neal's R tutorials

Vaclav's Introductory RemarksDownload file "petricek-eharmony-ucla-datafest.pdf"

DataFest 2013 Sponsors

DataFest would like to thank Summit Consulting, LLC, Pomona College, the Southern California Chapter of the American Statistical Association, Welch Consulting, eHarmony, Amgen, Rstudio, and the UCLA Division of Physical Sciences for their generous support. If you or your company would like to contribute, please make a check payable to UC Regents and write "DataFest" in the comment field. Send checks to

Rob Gould
UCLA Dept. of Statistics, MSBuilding 8131
Mail Code 951554
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554

What was DataFest 2012 like?

DataFest 2012 was held May 4-6 at IPAM on the UCLA campus. 70 students competed, including two teams from Pomona College. The data were kindly provided by Kiva.com, and Kiva engineer extraordinaire Noah Balmer. Thanks, Noah.

DataFest2012 Group PhotoDataFest2012 was sponsored by these people and organizations:

DataFest 2012 Presentations--slides and texts of all final presentations.

DataFest 2012 Announcement
UCLA DataFest Facebook Page
2012 Photo Album (need facebook login)
DataFest 2011
DataFest at Duke University
Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/UCLADataFest

2012 Winners

  • Best Visualization goes to Team Data Wranglers, with Mallory Wang, Eric Johnson, Jonathan Schaffer, and David Huberman. Honorable Mention to Team Not So PC, with Tim Stutz and Drew DiPalma.
  • Best Insight goes to Team Beyond the Normal, with Alvard Ayrapetyan, Elizabeth Frank, Ali Hashemian, Hersh Kashyap, and Athena French. Honorable Mention to The Rookies, with Jia Lin Liu, Jiang Yun Shu, Jong Woo Han, Hui Chan Wang, and Qian Yi Yu
  • Best Use of External Data goes to Team PC, with Joseph Replogle, Erika Parks, and Karl Kumbier. Honorable Mention to Team Down Like the Economy, with Samuel Carson and Daniel Moyer. Honorable Mention to Team Dance Party in the Kitchen, with Steph Eaneff, Anjali Mehta, Journey Kan, Matthew Castillon, and Peter Szalontay.

VIP Consultants

A special thanks to our visitors, who roamed the room spreading good advice and good cheer. Thanks to:

Grace Park West and Yun Chon from Amgen, Jeremy Miles from Rand, Amy Deora from Summit Consulting in Washington D.C., Anna Bargagliotti from Loyola Marymount University, Yasmin Lucero from Signal to Noise Consulting, alumnus Hai Nguyen from JPL, Pete Meyer from Google, Ann Maria DeMars from the Julia Group, Rob Zinkov from USC, Brenda Osuna from the USC statistical consulting center, John Delacruz from Factual, Mark Garmaise from UCLA Anderson School, and alumnus Brian Kriegler from Econ One Research.